Ready to #SwitchToSafer?

We are so excited to help you do so step-by-step!

It is time to free your home from chemicals that can cause cancer, disrupt your hormones, mess with your nervous system, exacerbate or cause asthma, and more.

You know you need to switch some of your products, but don't know where to start. It can feel so overwhelming!

Let us help you. Young Living's products are not only toxic-free, because of the essential oils they contain, support our body systems at the same time!

Think about that - not only are the products SAFE for your hormones, brain, etc, they can SUPPORT them. Best two-fer ever!

We will be sharing with you 15 emails, one a day for 15 days, beginning soon. Open a folder to put them into so you can access them when you are ready.

The first email will have a link to a blog post from Laura on why we should care about the chemicals in our home.  You can read it or watch the video of the class she taught on the topic.

Be sure to also download the worksheet you will find in the first email. This worksheet will help you navigate the products we will be discussing and help you prioritize with what change you want to make first.

Have questions? We are here to help!